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The Signature Sheffield Window

DefinityTMVinyl Technology

  • The heart of the Sheffield platform is Definity vinyl. This advanced vinyl compound is rugged, durable and virtually maintenance-free. The material’s low thermal conductivity makes it the perfect choice for window manufacturing.

EliteWeld TMFusion Welding

  • Every corner of the Sheffield Window features EliteWeld fusion welding, a technologically-advanced method of construction that delivers superior strength. The EliteWeld method produces full- contact welding points and does not require below-the-face flash clean up.

Intercept®Spacer System

  • The Intercept Spacer System features a unique, one-piece U-channel design that creates an effective thermal barrier to help reduce conducted heat loss through the window. Its sealed, one-piece design makes Intercept spacers stronger and better at retaining insulating gas than many conventional designs. Intercept spacers are so energy efficient that they keep the edges of the window glass warmer, so your home feels more comfortable in the winter.

WeatherShedTMSloped Sill

  • Our double-hung windows feature a WeatherShed sloped sill. This sill design incorporates the elegant look of a traditional sill and forces water to drain to the exterior. The result is a great-looking window that is able to withstand harsh elements. Sheffield Double-Hung, Sliding, and Casement Windows feature a mainframe design that helps the Sheffield Window accommodate various installation methods and architectural styles.

Constant Force Balance System

  • Our double-hung window units feature a stainless steel Constant Force balance system. This system ensures smooth and easy sash opening and closing, and has been rigorously tested for decades of operation. So rigorous in fact, that this balance system has been tested to nearly 6,000 cycles (one cycle is the equivalent of opening and closing the sash), far exceeding the industry standard of 4,000 cycles.

TritonTM Locking System

  • All Sheffield Double-Hung and Sliding Windows feature the Triton Locking System. Located at the meeting rail, this heavy-duty cam lock and keeper fit tightly together when fully engaged for added security. The Triton Locking System also forces the interlock at the meeting rail of both sashes to close tightly which helps to prevent air infiltration. Double locks are standard on all windows 25″ or wider.

SteelForceTM Reinforcement

  • The SteelForce steel reinforcement is installed in every Sheffield Double-Hung and Sliding Window. This heavy-duty steel extrusion is placed within the sashes at the meeting rail to ensure extra protection at this very critical and often used location.

CommandPlusTM Hardware

  • Our casement and awning windows feature CommandPlus operating hard- ware. This heavy-duty hardware provides maximum strength for lifelong ease of operation, along with a corrosion-proof finish that is guaranteed for life.


Window styles

Interior Choices

Interior finishes include white and beige, as well as laminate woodgrains in white, soft maple, rich maple, light oak, dark oak, foxwood and cherry. All interior woodgrains have a white or beige exterior — except white woodgrain, which is available in a beige exterior only.

Exterior Choices

Exterior choices include white and beige, as well as laminate colors in Architectural Bronze, Hudson Khaki, Desert Clay, English Red, Forest Green, American Terra and Castle Gray. All exterior laminate colors have a white interior; American Terra also is available in a beige interior. FrameWorks’ triple-layer laminate composition expertly marries a highly resilient, transparent double layer of protection consisting of PVDF and PMMA materials to an acrylic base layer to form an extremely weatherable surface that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product. FrameWorks exterior laminates carry a 10 year fade-resistance warranty rider.†

Grid Options

Designer grids lend an added measure of style and dimension to your windows. All grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning. Choose from our selection of beautiful grid profiles and patterns to design the ideal window for your home: Classic Grids – available in Colonial, Diamond, Craftsman, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns Contoured Grids – available in Colonial, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns Gold Tone Brass Grids – available in Prairie and Double Prairie patterns Narrow Brass Grids – available in a Colonial pattern

*Available in operating and fixed-lite casements.


Grid Patterns

V-Grooved Cut Glass

Add a cut or polished V-grooved glass pattern to your window for the perfect touch of elegance.

Authentic Beveled-Leaded Glass

These options add personality and curb appeal to any home. All leaded glass is crafted using hand-cut glass, crystal bevel clusters, and handsoldered camings. Available in four attractive glass styles to suit your architectural décor. Select a caming metal to match your taste – brass, pewter, or lead.

Authentic beveled leaded stained glass

Home Performance Matters When it Comes to Remodeling

Let a High Performance Homes expert assist you with your remodeling project.


For Cameron and everyone, again I say thank you! NW Natural has just recalculated our “equal pay” bill and we’ve gone from $67.00/month to $38.00/month. This is a savings of $348.00 per year plus the electric bill never once exceeded $90.00/month this summer saving us about $300 this year just is savings with the A/C. The windows remain beautiful, functional and more than everything promised! That and a leak free roof, who could ask for anything more! Thanks again!

Wayne, Canby Oregon

“We are so glad that HPH came to us about our windows. These windows are very high quality and look so beautiful in our home. From the very start to the final install and finish, this company has been AMAZING!! Very professional indeed!! LOVE our windows and screen door!”

Cynthia B.

“High Performance Homes have phenomenal customer service, anyone you meet with is very informative, organized an they show fantastic product. I’d highly recommend them if you’re wanting great quality for roofing, siding, windows an even gutters. You can’t beat it!! You’re definitely getting what you pay for. Better than some cheap place an things start wearing off within a year. Keep up the wonderful work :)”

Kay G

“This contracting company recently replaced all the windows in my home. All of the associates I interacted with along the way were pleasant, knowledgeable, and professional. The way the windows were installed was done with precision and care for my home, and I did not have to pay any extra for trim around both the outside and inside of the windows. The end result is pleasing to look at, and I can already tell there’s a big difference in how insulated my home is.”

Emily K.

“The Window Crew is absolutely amazing with the work they did on my family member’s home, and they are all very kind.”

Adison T.
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