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Why Is Wood Siding Not Favored by Homeowners?

Wood siding has long been the material of choice when constructing residential properties. However, with building standards changing, it is slowly falling out of favor with homeowners, especially with the abundance of other available options on the market. Siding materials such as vinyl, aluminum ““““`and composite are more favored because of the many benefits they offer over wood siding.

Why Is Wood Siding Not Favored by Homeowners?Today, High Performance Homes, your local siding and window installation pros, explain the reasons why wood siding has been seen as an inferior option to modern manufactured siding materials.

The Cost of Wood Siding

Wood siding is more expensive than other siding options for several reasons. For one, more time and effort is put into making the material. By contrast, materials like vinyl and aluminum can be produced quickly at the manufacturing plant. Also, it’s hard to source raw wood given the market restrictions that are in place. Consistent maintenance is necessary to keep wood siding in good shape, and that can be costly, as well.

Numerous Weaknesses

Siding and window repair pros like us are aware of the many weaknesses that wood siding has. Temperature changes cause the material to expand and contract. It can also deteriorate and warp when exposed to the sun. It is also prone to water damage, which creates perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth.

Durability Issues

Wood is known for being a durable material, but even with steady maintenance, it won’t outlast the other siding options. Vinyl, fiber cement and aluminum can last for decades without any need for maintenance.

As one of the top exterior house contractors in the area, High Performance Homes offers siding that combines beautiful design with durability and endurance. It is prepainted in a controlled factory environment to ensure consistent paint coverage. Beating our competitors on both curb appeal and durability, our 15-year limited warranty covers paint and labor, and protects against peeling, cracking and chipping. Rest assured that your investment can stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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Wayne, Canby Oregon

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Kay G

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Emily K.

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Adison T.
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